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Geotechnical investigation

VKP Geotech, We have Successfully 5000+ Projects in all over India and other Countries, since we are from 1982. We have specialized equipments, Professional Staffs and Skilled Workers for doing Geotechnical Investigation. We have Hands-on experience in following Geotechnical Investigation works, Projects in different Government and Private Sectors,

  • Metro Rail Project
  • Highways
  • Bridge
  • Flyover
  • Airport
  • Tunnels
  • Petrol Bunks
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Water Pipeline Project
  • Water Tank Structures
  • Gas Pipeline Projects
  • Pump House Projects
  • Solar Projects
  • Wind Mills
  • On Shore Projects
  • Off Shore Projects
  • Hospital Building
  • Residential Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
    • We are providing following Geotechnical Consultancy works to our Customers,

      • Foundation Recommendation Based on soil Profile
      • Settlement Analysis
      • Load Carrying Capacity Calculation for Pile
      • Stability Analysis
      • Geophysical and Stratification Analysis
    • We are doing Following Geotechnical Investigation Services,

      • Rock Drilling, Rock Coring
      • Vertical Drilling
      • Hydraulic Drilling
      • Wash Boring
      • Soil Exploration
      • Sampling (Disturbed, Undisturbed Sampling, SPT, etc)
      • Pavement Materials and Sub grade Material
      • Ground Water Table Analysis
      • Electrical Resistivity Analysis, Geophysical Exploration
    • We are NABL ISO/IEC 2017 – 17025 Accredited Laboratory and we are doing Lab Tests by for both,

      • Soil, Rock
      • Building Material
    • We Will Provide Chemical Properties PH, Chloride and Sulphate and other Parameters of

      • Soil Samples
      • Water Samples